Hi There!!

“EttpzO1iGs0w” Hi!  My name is Michelle.  I have Chiari Malformation and I had decompression surgery.  If you have never heard of Chiari, that is understandable as most people have not.  It happens in about 1 out of 1000 births but it is not always symptomatic.  So, when I tell someone about it I tend to have an interesting conversation.  I decided to start making little comics about these conversations and I hope that it will help people to understand what they sound like from my point of view.  More than that though, I hope to give you a  glimpse into the life of someone who has a hidden illness and is just trying to figure out life.  Stick figure Michelle and Chiari brain will help me tell my tales.  I will introduce them now and stay tuned for Saturday, July 23 when they begin their journey.




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