Please let coffee help…


Please let a sandwich help…


Please let a nap help…


Please…help… No!

Even though I am aware of the cause of most of my headaches, I still go through a series of actions that under normal circumstances would alleviate a headache.  Coffee is my go-to headache reliever.  Before the accident, if my head hurt, it was usually because I missed my cup of morning coffee.  I always remain hopeful that the coffee will help, but it never does.  Then, food.  I would get so busy with work and school that I wouldn’t have time to eat which resulted in headaches.  Finally, naps are my last refuge.  At the very least, hoping that when I wake up I will feel better, but I usually don’t.  It often feels like something is exploding in the back of my head, and I just have to deal with it.


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