Take My Bloods

Bag O’Blood. Diagnoseamatic 5000. Specimen deposit.

No illness would be complete without numerous tests and bloodwork is some of the most routine.  I went to the wrong place at first because in a medical district, there are so many places looking to steal your platelets.  I only had to wait about 10 minutes before I was taken to room 6.  I asked him how he got into bloodletting, he laughed as he explained that it was inexpensive and he doesn’t have any student loans.  When he asked which arm has better veins, I chose my left.  The veins are very visible and easy to get to, but they don’t produce.  He stuck my arm and after one squirt of blood, my vein quit.  I told him that “better” is very subjective.  He threw away the pitiful vial, and bandaged up my left arm and we turned to the right arm.  I told him that it produced well, but good luck locating a vein.  He put a double tourniquet and had me make a tight fist and he managed to find the buried vein and the vial filled up at once. 

I know this is kind of a weird post, but sometimes you have to find the humor in the most annoying moments.  I woke up today feeling like I was getting beaten.  My head hurts, I feel like I may vomit at any moment, I am tired.   Even with all of this, sometimes, I have to look at the brighter side and try to find a laugh.  Otherwise, I would cry a lot.


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