…my old friend.

Unfortunately, for many people, chronic illness brings friends along to make the ride more interesting. As a Christian, I find that my peers expect me to just pray about it and move along.  I have had a headache for 5 weeks.  Even the heros of the Bible fell victim to their humanity under stressful conditions. Abraham didn’t wait for the promise to happen, he  tried to force it, but still had to wait another 15 years to have his promise filled AND deal with 2 unhappy women in the process.  I have faith that someday I will be symptom free, but right now, I am struggling with a pained body that refuses to listen to me.  I get sad remembering what I used to be able to do and can’t any more.  I get overwhelmed thinking about the future and how uncertain it seems.  I hope that with therapy I am better able to overcome my obstacles. Maybe you will too!


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