The Present Is A Gift

I often sit at the door to my past and I question why I can’t just go back. Back when I had my strength and my memory and my job. I miss those days. The real problem is that the time I spend pining over those days is the time I can’t spend enjoying today or finding a new enjoyment in life. For me it is hard to imagine finding something I love more than singing opera, but maybe that thing exists and how can I see it if my head is always turned to yesterday? Chronic pain makes ‘right now’ a place where I often do not want to spend much time, and I stopped dreaming of the future. I can barely plan for going to the bathroom, let alone accomplishing something important or meaningful. I am glad when I can get to all of my doctor appointments in a week. Still, even I must move forward and seek to look at what is in front of me and not what has passed me by.


Check out The Life Of A Music Monkey- A look into the secret life of chronic illness:

The Bitter, Petty, Mean Monkey!


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