My Little Pony



The Post-Decompression Ponytail

Prior to my surgery I cut my hair shorter than normal.  This is a normal high-stress response for me.  The patch of hair they shaved out of the back of my head was huge and it took 8 weeks for the wound to close.  This meant no getting my hair wet for two months.  By the time I got the OK, my head was disgusting.  we tried to keep it combed out but it was just gross from not being properly cleaned.  I shaved off all of my remaining hair and my stepdad cleaned up the areas I had missed.  I had never felt so naked and exposed to the world and with a giant scar!  I often wore a headscarf (which drew a lot of looks from people, like, why is that a problem?!) and I bought a wig and got it cut and dyed to match my hair before the diagnosis.  Now, two years later, my hair is actually blue again (it wasn’t for maybe a year) and it is long enough to put into a reasonably-sized ponytail and that just brightens my day!  Even my friends have commented on my long-lost pony reemerging after spending so long on hiatus.  It’s just nice to feel like my old self in some way.

Check out The Life Of A Music Monkey, a journey into behind the closed doors of Chiari Malformation and my life.




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