Pick A Problem!


Who has it better?

There are times when we compare ourselves to other people, but we really only see what other’s allow us to see. Behind closed doors there are often tears, pain, misery, sadness, loneliness, dysfunction, and a host of other issues. My official list of symptoms is 27 complaints long and it has just embarrassing stuff on there. Things I don’t even share on The Life Of A Music Monkey and if you have been there you know I share some very intimate details of my life. Yet even I am guilty of looking at someone and wishing I “only” had their problem instead of “all” mine. Like I don’t know that we all have our battles to fight. As if I ONLY have one symptom. It is that piece of me that kinda hopes that other person isn’t doing as bad as I am…and so I want to be doing as well as I imagine they are. The mind is a crazy place to be sometimes, bit even I come back to the reality that we all have our low points and when my pain is at it’s worst, I wish the most to be someone, anyone else who isn’t in my pain. Still, I bet I would be surprised if I ended up in someone else’s skin and had to deal with their problems be it health, financial, emotional, or otherwise. I have enough problems to worry about. I think that I can just be myself and that is OK even if it sucks sometimes because of pain. I could be lonely or mistreated, so I am really blessed.


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