The Wild Michellicorn


Michellicorn: the power of awesome!

I don’t live much in a fantasy world, but I have loved unicorns ever since watching Legend back in the day.  I also watched a lot of The Last Unicorn.  I could always picture myself as one of these magnificent creatures; endowed not only with the grace and strength of a horse but with magic in the form of a breathtaking horn set high upon it’s regal head.

Yeah, very into that scenario in my head.  That’s not a cutie mark on me, that is the brand from the music farm that I live on where we all sing in harmony and our magic is harvested to make pop icons.  Not how I thought I would spend my existence as a unicorn, but it is good money and the hours are awesome so I can take care of my growing filly while earning some carrots.

I should have given myself wings and been an alicorn, but it’s too late for all that now.  Now we just look at this picture and all be a little thankful that I am not a unicorn as I see them because I look kinda creepy, like “I would take you to town, but I would also go through your bags while you are sleeping” kind of creepy.

I imagine the freedom of running through open fields can’t be beat, unless you are an alicorn and can also fly.  So, there’s that.  I hope you have enjoyed Michellicorn: the power of awesome!

Don’t forget to visit The Life Of A Music Monkey my blog on life with Chiari behind the veil.


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