Chiari Secrets

*Warning!!!  This post contains the word poop several times used in several ways.  If poop scares you, that’s strange.


Chiari Secrets: Sometimes it doesn’t even work! It’s neurogenic!

The hidden life of chronic illness can be one filled with horrors unimaginable. I had to see a Gastroenterologist because sometimes my body won’t poop.  The poop is there, I explain, but my body does nothing with it, no urge to go.  Then all of the sudden, I have 45 seconds to make it to the nearest restroom.  There is no warning, just the full strength peristalsis of my colon gone mad with power.

Oh, but once the madness begins, it only gets worse.  First it feels like my body is turning inside out. Then we get to the best part!  Everything just stops!  Right in the middle of the process, my whole digestive tract gives up and plays spades.

Just push, you think, right?  HAHAHA, you’re so cute.  That is a Chiari problem.  That can put a little too much pressure on your brain stem and think parts and you can have a bad reaction.  So a little push here, a little white-out for a second.  A bigger push there, I have become sick to my stomach, taken off all of my clothes, and am on the verge of blacking out and making an awful mess.  (Ask me how I know…no don’t.  It’s a sordid tale)

So, the Gastro asks about my diet, I tell him I eat plenty of fiber, I record my water, I eat vegetables and fat.  I also tell him that this is all much worse when I have a headache.  With sad eyes he looked at me and told me that there was nothing that he could do for me.  Any medication he prescribed would make something else worse and really, the problem sounded neurogenic and needed to be looked at by the Cleveland Clinic because this was a neurological issue that happened to affect my digestive tract.

I have now heard this many times from many doctors and it really puts a lot of pressure on these doctors to find a cause for what is happening all over my body.  As of the writing of this comic I have 39 days.  When it is published I will have 6.  I am wondering everyday if these doctors are good enough to really help me, and my faith says they are.

I know it sounds crazy, but I just want to poop like a normal person again.  Like I did before the brain surgery.  Like I did in the Before Time.

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1 thought on “Chiari Secrets

  1. I hear ya’ loud and clear. I too experience this problem and was diagnosed with IBS before my Chiari diagnosis. Not sure if there’s a link between the two. I hope you get clear answers and all the help you need, don’t give up. Well wishes 😊

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