My Life Clock


My Life Clock

One of the scariest things to learn to deal with after surgery was that I was no longer on my “schedule” but I now lived according to my body’s needs and doctor appointments.  I tried desperately to cling to some type of schedule (I still do, like a fool) but it was in vain.  Remember having to go to a doctor appointment and then wanting to take my sister out for lunch.  By the time our drinks got there my body was slunched in the booth crying out in pain.  We had to get the food to go.  I felt so bad.  I wanted to take her to a nice restaurant and my body was not having it that day.

Now, there are certain things I to on schedule like take my meds.  I have alarms set so that I don’t forget.  I spend enough time each day drinking coffee because so far that is the only thing that stimulates peristalsis so I can get things moving in the morning. (poop, if you haven’t figured it out.)

Sometimes I will be having a lively conversation and then I need to take a nap now.  Not in a few minutes, not later, right this second I must get to my CPAP and sleep.  If I don’t, I become crabby, like a mix between an angry 2 year old and a crotchety 87 year old.  I am not pleasant at all.  God bless my family for putting up with this mess of a woman.

Often the clock changes as the needs of my body change.  I have been having a lot of headaches recently and no doctor appointments, so there are a lot more naps on the clock and reallys, a lot more blogs as I try to get ahead in preparation for my visit to the Cleveland Clinic.  I suppose that by the time this publishes, I will have already visited and will be drawing stories about that.

Love your body.  I mean take care of it.  Listen to it.  Follow it’s instructions (unless they are murderous, then see a therapist).  It will share it’s needs with you if you are willing to listen and give it a chance to tell you.  Remember that it’s needs will change and grow over time and that is normal.  That is life.


2 thoughts on “My Life Clock

  1. I can relate, there is no longer a schedule, I go about my day according to how my body feels that particular day. That’s a reason I dislike invites, how do you tell someone you don’t know how you’ll be feeling next week and based on that is if you’ll be attending? Sounds a little bizarre to the person that’s not dealing with chronic pain. Thanks for the post and all my best on your doctors visit.

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