The Forest Pixie!


Michelle, the Forest Pixie

This is my next imagining!  I think this would be a good fit for me if fantasy could become reality.  I LOVE the forest and it has always seemed like a magical place to me.  The wind sounds different.  The air smells different.  There is so much that is particular to the forest and I enjoy my memories of days spent running down sun-dappled trails and living my best life.

As an adult, I don’t live in an area near the forest, I live in the desert and I don’t know if there are desert pixies.  I imagine it must be sand-fairies or desert ogres.  I need that humidity that only a large gathering of trees can provide.

Notice my wings are made to mimic the leaves found in the forest and help me to blend in to my surroundings.  Also, my stick arms and legs are green for added camouflage.  That stuff falling from me looks like pixie dust, but it is actually pollen that I got all over myself because I am a messy eater and I get overjoyed at the abundance of the forest.  Eventually, all of the pollen is gone and I don’t look so magical, but you can see traces of it around my mouth and on the front of my dress.  Some things don’t change just because it is fantasy!


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