Anxiety Bae


My anxiety man.

The thing I have begun to realize about anxiety is that even in the same person, it can manifest itself in different ways.  In myself it is often a stream of depressive and negative thoughts that just get worse and more outrageous he longer the cycle continues.  Or, I will cook.  I will cook for hours and days, all sorts of meals.  Way too much for my family to eat.  It is a physical show of anxiety.  If I don’t have a headache, I will go to the gym and give all of my frustration and anxiety to the weights.

Still, at times I get carried away with my anxiety and we go somewhere off the deep end for a while and it takes some time to get back to reality.  It happens.  I work through it in therapy, and if you check out The Life Of A Music Monkey you can see my Monkey Countdown where I am working on getting my anxious thoughts under control and turning them around.  Everything is a process.

So, don’t be too hard on yourself if you have a day where the negative feelings seem to be winning.  You are still an amazing person with the ability to try again and win the fight.  I am still on the circuit, I am no champion.  I have not defeated the darkness and saved the kingdom.  Some days, I just sit in the forest of despair and eat guilt berries, just like everyone else.  Eventually, I get back to the task of fighting the battles and winning a bit, losing a bit, and learning a lot in the process.


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