Going Out With Chiari


Leaving the house with Chiari…on a bad day

This is a fairly accurate picture of what I look like on an average day when I am forced to leave the house and I don’t feel good.  First, I will start with my hair.  I am going to be honest, there is about a 30% I will do my hair unless I have a meeting.  Otherwise, I stopped caring years ago.  Either it will lay itself down or I will put it in a pony.

Moving down, you will notice the bags under my eyes.  They are just a part of me now.  They get worse when the pain is worse, but they never go away.  I can get 8 hours of sleep or 15 hours of sleep.  The bags are there.  Maybe tanning will help.  Either way, I don’t try to hide them.  Sometimes I wear sunglasses, but these bags are huge, you can still see them.

As I rush to get out of the house, I will grab at any lip gloss that looks sparkly and light colored.  Todays had a little more pink in it that I thought.  I wasn’t trying to look cute, I just hate dry feeling lips and why shouldn’t my lips sparkle for me when I look in the mirror if it makes me happy?

I am fairly monochromatic when it comes to my choice in clothing.  I prefer grey, it looks fine if you get it wet out of the shower.  Actually, anything from white to black and in-between.  I do have some colored pieces, but I really prefer the grey family.  My favorite is a light grey 3/4 sleeve tunic over variegated dark grey fleece leggings.  A lightweight dark grey sweater with convenient pockets, light grey boot socks and black Mukluk boots.

Often I am seen clutching a bottle of sparkling mineral water and a half-charged cell phone that I forgot to grab my headset and charger for.  I have all of these clothes in different shades of grey, black, or white.  Really, it just makes it simple to get dressed without having to worry about matching.  Plus, if I want to wear something with color, it always fits in.

This is now my standard mom uniform.  I don’t feel bad because at least I look presentable and I am not trying to impress anyone.  If anything, I am impressed by how well I orchestrated my closet.

It is very easy to fall into not going out or wearing your pajamas out (I do sometimes) but I have found that is I take that extra few minutes to put on real clothes, even though they aren’t designer or fancy, I feel better about myself because I did something positive for me.  Often we forget how important it is to make ourselves happy with little things.  I feel better about myself when I take the time to put on something different before leaving the house.  Not because I look better, but because I just took the time to spend on myself.

So, I may not be the hottest mom, or the coolest mom, but I am the mom who managed to make it out of the house today, so I am the Champion mom!


1 thought on “Going Out With Chiari

  1. If I could choose not to leave my house on days that I have to, I would. The thought of having to shower and change is exhausting itself! Between, Chiari, anxiety and depression I don’t know which is worse. Can def relate to you post!

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