Catch Them All!!


Zzzz’s, Catch them when you can!

What a wonderful thing naps are.  They are like nighttime sleeps but shorter (usually) and at a less expected time of day.  Say 10am.  I wake up pretty early, so by ten, I am ready!  I can wait, but the longer I wait, the longer I will sleep.  By 8pm, I will just sleep until the next morning.

It’s always needing naps that is the problem.  People feel like I maybe shouldn’t “need” a nap because I am an adult and my only defence is that I can’t say when my brain is going to stop being useful because it is too tired.  If I do 45 minutes of speech therapy I have to take a nap.  My brain becomes tired and useless.

If I study for an hour, my brain gets pretty unfocused and really only wants one thing.  Nap.  The sad part is that people really have no understanding of how the brain works.  even a little.  Enough to explain what is going on so they understand would be a good start.  People who have never been so mentally worn out that they can’t think really have no basis to even believe it is possible.

Still, whether someone believes it or not, I need my naps.  This week I have been averaging 13.5 hours of sleep including night time and naps.  That is over half my day.  I miss the days of sleeping for 3 or 4 hours then 20 hours of energy and magic but now I have accepted that I work at a much slower pace.  I might accomplish two things all day.  some days one or both of those things might be doctor appointments.  I had to learn that it was ok to be tired after appointments.

I imagine this is a source of depression for people other than just myself.  I am no doctor, but when you can’t sweep the floor or do the dishes because the mental energy isn’t there and the physical energy isn’t much better, surely many people would begin to question their current value relative to their perceived prior value.  They might try to do the chores but eventually their mind and body will win and they will feel bad.  This is the seed being planted.  I worked in therapy to get through a lot of my views of my physical abilities now vs. then.  I am really no better or no worse, I am different and that’s cool.

I just need more naps now, is all.


3 thoughts on “Catch Them All!!

  1. This resonated to well with me! I appreciate your honesty. I am sleepy 90% of the time, the rest of the time, I’m just running on coffee! Everything and anything I do gets me worn out and tired – mostly sleepy! Ugh, it’s that deep sleep that I can’t ignore and no coffee will replace. It weighs me down, gives me a headache, nauseas, gets my eyes feeling so heavy and I just need to sleep. I can’t explain it. I am blessed with little ones but this Chiari I feel is many times too hard to ignore. Hang in there! You’re not alone! 💛

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  2. Thank you! Likewise! I know what you mean, my oldest three are 10, 8 and 6 and are wise beyond their years. They help me so much, they’re are so independent and self sufficient and responsible. God blessed us with amazing and understanding children to help us get through our days while being moms with Chiari. You have an amazing 15 year old! One step at a time. This Chiari has really helped me put the brakes on life to really be able to appreciate moments we’d otherwise take for granted! Hugs to you! 💜 You can do this!


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