Liebster Award


Your chakras are blocked. You need to meditate and focus the energy of the universe on your blocked areas so you can open the path of energy flow. Once energy is no longer pinned in you head, the headaches will disappear. **Okay**

I was nominated with for a Liebster Award and I am a little surprised it wasn’t for my actual long-form blog!  I want to thank Mom Life With Chiari for the nomination.  I enjoy reading her blog because it’s filled with the love of a mother, the talent of an artist, and the pain that life sometimes brings us.  Most of all, she is an encouragement to me as a mom and as a writer and always lets me know I am not alone in this fight.  I am honored to be nominated, thank you!

For more history and the Official Rules for the Liebster Awards please visit the page here.  But basically, someone will nominate you and they will have 10 questions for you to answer and them you want to put 10 random facts about yourself. Then, nominate 3 bloggers who influence you and come up with 10 creative questions for them!  However, official rules can be found (and maybe more easily understood) at the link above.

MOM LIFE WITH CHIARI‘s  10 Questions about myself

1. What’s your advice to a person thinking about blogging?

Go for it!  We get these ideas about how something should be and whether we can fit into a mold, but we are so much more than we imagine.  Blogging isn’t about eloquence or loquaciousness (although both help if you are writing about fancy stuff), it’s about putting your thoughts and experiences in front of yourself and in front of others if you choose.  Go for it.  The worst that can happen is that you find you don’t like it and you journey forth to find an activity that allows you to express yourself comfortably.

2. When and why did you begin to blog?

I first started blogging years ago when I worked on cars.  I stopped, but my when I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation I had such a hard time finding people’s everyday life experience post-op that I started The Life Of A Music Monkey and that got me through a lot of lonely nights after surgery and it gave me hope that someone else would read it and not feel lonely too.  The blog I was nominated for came about when I rejoined society and people started saying crazy things to me like, “have you tried kale?”

3. Do you think there is a line to be drawn with blogging, when do you keep your personal life personal?

I feel that a blog should be what you need it to be.  In my own blogs I tend to share what many people might consider to be ‘too much’ but I usually leave my family business out of the blog because it involves other people.  I tend to not mention my doctor’s names or office names for privacy.  I can share everything about myself, I have no shame, but I try to afford the people I interact with a little privacy.  So, many of the people oin my blog have had their cartoon identities changed.

4. What have you recently done and loved because it made you feel ‘young at hear’?

My car case finally settled!!  So, I went to the salon and and treated myself to a new cut and mermaid hair with teal, emerald, purple, blue, and magenta.  Everytime I go by the mirror I smile because I feel like a beautiful unicorn mermaid princess.  However, I am a minister at church and my pastor has not seen my new multi-colored hair.  Pray for me, ya’ll!!

5. It’s summer time, what plans do you have?

We have a pool so I envision many lazy bbqs.  I am from Las Vegas, so I am doing a staycation with my sister and probably taking a road trip.  I have a lot of therapy appointments (regular, OT, PT, music, meditative) this summer and a few neurologists in different disciplines to visit, neuropsych exam, and a crown on my tooth.  Yay, adulthood!

6. What’s your favorite color and why?

Blue is my favorite color.  I think that it reminds me of the ocean and sky as a child.  Looking out I remember looking out and seeing the horizon and thinking that while the sky and the ocean were both blue, they we beautiful, each in their own way.  Moving to the desert, I miss the water, but the sky is almost always a clear blue that is just amazing as it changes through the day.  Every shade is beautiful, even the velvety blue midnight sky.

7. What do you most struggle with?

I struggle most with losing my ability to work and be a proficient musician.  I have lost important pieces of myself along the way.  I hope I can eventually find them.

8. What does it mean to be ‘in love’ for you?

I have never been in love, so I am not sure.  I imagine it is that same magnetic need to nurture and protect like with my daughter, but more intense and deeply intimate emotionally.  Maybe I will find out someday.

9. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am an owl-lark.  I go to bed at 2 am, I am up drinking coffee at 6am, but I take naps during the day.  My body works on a weird schedule.

10. Do you like tea or coffee?

I liken this question to “which child do you love more” and it is very difficult to answer.  Coffee is like a warm hug on the inside, but tea is like the reassuring embrace of Mom.  I feel that they are both superior in their own way… but have you tried Crio Bru?  Puts both to shame.

10 Random Facts About Myself

  1. I taught myself how to write with my foot.
  2. Certain sounds cause physical discomfort or can bring on a headache, even if they are barely audible.
  3. Everytime I am in charge of a funeral, once it has started, I make myself a cup of tea and reflect on my own losses and collect myself so that I can do a good job.  It is 15 minutes of quiet during a day that usually begins early and ends late.
  4. I spontaneously cry when listening to live orchestras.
  5. I look at the stars every night before bed.
  6. There is always music playing in my head.  Sometimes I tap my feet or sway to it.
  7. I record my life in blogs and on social media because I don’t really form memory well right now.
  8. I can’t stand the sound of my voice.
  9. I love climbing and hiking (although I can’t do it right now).
  10. I LOVE glitter and shiny things.


My Nominees


Breeze Communications

Smiling Through The Pain

My 10 Questions For My Nominees

1. If you could pick up and move today, where would you go and why?

2. Where do your blog ideas come from?

3. If we all had to blog with pen and paper, would you still be blogging?

4. If you could transform into any one animal at will, which animal would you choose and why?

5. Do you have a set amount of time that you spend on your blog?

6. Do you have a blog ritual? (Mine is a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, and Twitter open so I can say crazy stuff.)

7. What is your favorite meal? (in detail, please)

8. If you could end one problem in the world, what would you choose and why?

9. How do you relax and unwind?

10. Who has been a positive influence in your life and how do you plan to pay that forward to the world?


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