I wanna Go Back!


Maybe I can go back…kinda.

I would love to go back but I can’t, so maybe I can go forward and find something similar that still gives me the good feeling of accomplishment. What does the future hold??


3 thoughts on “I wanna Go Back!

  1. I always look forward to know what’s on your mind. It’s often difficult to find another fellow Chiarian. I have these moments where I want everything to be the same as it was prior to my Chiari diagnosis, back to where I used to be so active and full of energy. I think all that does is get me sad and down. Because I can’t change time, I can’t change my diagnosis, I can’t change the way I feel. But I can change my perspective. How are you feeling?
    I’ve recently began to have numbness of my left side of my tongue, it feels heavy and makes it difficult to even talk. I have an MRI scheduled and will have to set an appointment with my neurologist to see what’s going on. Ugh. It feels like it’s all never ending. But I’m trying to stay positive. Or as positive as I can be. Hugs to you! 😊🙏🏽

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    • It has been nonstop storms and desert temps here in Vegas, so I have been down with random headaches and a lot of nausea. The headaches slur my thoughts so I will probably bring that up to my neurologist Tuesday. We have a long, hard journey, but I keep the hope that my struggles will unlock doors and make a way for future Chiarians in Southern Nevada to get all the care they need. I will be proactively positive! 💙

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      • Very well put. We have to try to stay positive.
        Yes, bring it up to him. The heat doesn’t help at all. I’m in Miami and between the heat and the body and headaches, I feel like I’m going to faint. I get this pressure in my head, where it gets hard to focus, I can only describe the pain, as if I was wearing a helmet that was a couple sizes too small. Hugs to you Michelle! 😊🙏🏽


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